Mama’s And Papa’s Pumpkins

Exciting week for all at Creaton Crafts and Gifts.

As Halloween approaches we always like to add some fun and excitement to our shop. after the popularity of our Pumpkins made from books last year we promoted them again this year. WOW! What a response. Orders coming in fast and then an order that we weren’t expecting Mama’s and Papa’s!

Pumpkins Book Art loads

After Chatting to their lovely visual display Manager Danielle, who expressed their interest in our Pumpkins our manic week began.


We make most of our products to order and all that we had in stock of our book pumpkins had already been sold, so to meet the launch date which Mama’s and Papa’s wanted to have for their Halloween display the clock was ticking.

Set of 3 Book Pumpkins


130 Pumpkins in three different sizes for us to make. The Pumpkins like all our Book Art are made by cutting with scalpels, scissors and very sharp blades so rushing is not an option! All fingers remaining (however very sore) we completed them, then the task of packing and sending them to arrive safely. 60 boxes, endless bubble wrap and 4 rolls of tape later. Yay!  Thanks to the efficient Parcel Force they were collected and delivered next day.


After all of our hard work it was very exciting to see our hand crafted book Pumpkins in Mama’s and Papa’s Shop window display, very proud moment.




We visited one of the the 22 stores we supplied and it made our effort worth while when staff said that they all loved them.


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