Feline Fancy …. Oak Cat

We have been experimenting with the Oak.

As we are Dog lovers and Equine enthusiast  drawing and designing them, to look natural and flowing came quite easy, then one of our customers mentioned that they would like a Cat Ornament, so this week was all about our furry feline friends and trying to get character and movement of a cat into a solid piece of Oak.

After many sketches and cups of tea! we came up with a design that we both liked.  The Oak was marked and the cutting began followed by the sanding and waxing.

The final design which we were really pleased with and our customer was thrilled. 🙂



As we love working with wood we are keen and happy when customers have an idea which we can make for them, if you require any items making please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be more than happy to help .