Featured Seller on Zibbet.com


I couldn’t believe my eyes!!! We had made Featured Seller on the Zibbet Blog, we had been interviewed and answered the questions, I had sent in some photos but to actually see it on my screen was amazing!!!

I found Zibbet one day when I was Googling Handmade selling sites and I instantly fell in love with it, the whole site looked so clean and inviting and I thought to myself  “Yes! that’s the site I want to see our products on”. I emailed them and got a response nearly straight away, it turned out that I was actually talking via email to Jonathan Peacock the CEO and Founder of Zibbet , How’s that for service!!

Since joining Zibbet we have been promoted by them and in contact with them regularly. It feels that they do care for their sellers and the products they sell.

Our Pumpkins are currently being featured on their Home Page

Zibbet Home Page


We have been featured in a few of their Friday Finds as well as being promoted by Zibbet on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

I’m so pleased I found Zibbet and hope to sell with them for many years to come.

Here’s the Link for Featured Seller Blog 

To visit  our Shop on Zibbet just click on the “I sell on Zibbet banner” , “Visit my Store” at the top of the page.