Book Page Earring Tutorial

Happy New Year! As I write this it is just about to turn into 2019, where has the year gone?

I would love to share with you a tutorial that I have made for these beautiful Earrings.

I’m not a great talker so I won’t waffle on! …. here we go…


Firstly you will need :

Book Pages

Sharp Knife and Ruler

Small hole punch

Beads 4 x  6mm   &    2 x  8/10 mm

Earring Ear hooks I used the fish hook type x 2

Head pins 50mm  x 2

Jewellery pliers

Cut your book pages into strips as follows : (3 of each strip per earring.) I cut mine so as they contained one line per strip with a gap at the top and at the bottom Approximately 7mm wide.

6  x  5 cm

6 x   6.5 cm

6 x  9.5 cm

8 x 10.5 cm

Each strip needs to have a hole punched in the middle of the strip and one equally at each end. (see photo).

Take your Head pin and add one of your 4mm beads to it.

Now add 4 strips of the longest paper (10.5 cm) to the head pin.


followed by the next 3 longest (9.5cm) then the 6.5 cm strips until you add the 3 shortest ones (5cm). You should have 4 x 10.5 cm strips  3 x   9.5cm strips, 3 x 6.5 cm strips and 3 x 5 cm strips.

Then add the 8/10mm bead, this will be the centre bead.

Now it gets fiddly! taking the first strip of paper (the one on top, the shortest one 5cm strip) place the hole that you have made at one end over the head pin and repeat for the other side. It should now look like the picture.

Now you will need to fold the next strip of paper in the same way, this time turning so as the next strip covers the gap.

Repeat again for the last short piece of paper  so as the bead is covered.

Taking the next strip (6.5 cm) repeat the process remembering to alternate where you place the strips so as they don’t all lie in the same place.

Repeat again….. until the shortest strips are all complete.

Now you are on to the third layer of strips (9.5cm) continue as you have before placing one end of the strip on the headpin followed by the other end and alternate where that are placed until all three strips have been attached to the headpin.

Final 4 strips (10.5cm) left  place the top strip on the head pin followed by the other end.

Now spread them out as in the picture and place the top strip on the head pin followed by the other end repeat until all strips are used.

Now add your 4mm bead to the head pin.

Gently push down, so you expose the head pin.

Now taking your jewellery pliers

Bend the head pin to create a loop for the earring (fishhook) to attach to making sure that you have a nice fat ball.

Now you can repeat the whole process so as you have  2 earrings

Now you will need your fish hook earrings.

Open up the loop on the earrings.

And attach to the Paper earring that you have made and close the loop to finish off. Repeat for the other earring.

Now you are finished!  you can seal them if you wish, I use plastic coat which comes in a spray can, but make sure you don’t get any on the earring hook.

I hope that you have enjoyed my tutorial  and enjoy making the earrings , I would love to see your finished results.

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Happy New year!